Joe Jonas Wants to Cuddle in New Diesel Denim Campaign

Courtesy Instagram/joejonas
Joe Jonas for Diesel

We'd oblige.

Joe Jonas is no longer just "the cute one" from the Disney-friendly teen-brother boy band that launched him to fame.

The middle Jo-Bro is now a fashion-week fixture and the cool-guy lead singer of edgy pop group DNCE, and he recently added a supermodel to his list of A-lister exes.

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So it's only natural that the 26-year-old, in keeping with this new image, has teamed up with Diesel as the face of the brand's spring denim campaign.

The ads are just weird enough to confuse people into thinking they're cool, mixing it up with model-esque shots of the singer against pastel-hued backgrounds juxtaposed with cheeky text: "I've got more followers than @diesel." (Which, for the record, is true by a margin of about 2.5 million.)

Jonas also filmed a (bug-eyed) video for the campaign, in which he steals Ryan Gosling's swoon-worthy "Hey, girl" catchphrase and peppers in a few of his own charming one-liners, including: "You're fing delicious" and "Want to cuddle?"


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The other three-fourths of Jonas' new band also makes an appearance in the campaign, dressed in paisley patterns, leather and denim (don't worry, guitarist Cole Whittle's mohawk hair patch keeps it from reading country), alongside the words "we're in a brand." Considering Diesel outfitted DNCE for its tour, it's not surprising to find the eclectic foursome as the newest faces of the brand.


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The edgy label, which just revealed that its underwear ads will debut on Tinder, Grindr and PornHub, is, in our opinion, a perfect pick for Jonas and his quest to shake his Disney image. (We'd swipe right.)