Joe Paterno Firing Draws Mixed Reaction Around Internet

Joe Paterno Sidelines Penn State - H 2011
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Joe Paterno Sidelines Penn State - H 2011

Twitter was abuzz with opinions on the scandal as news programs aired their reports on the now-disgraced Penn State football coach, who was fired Wednesday in the wake of his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky being charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse of children.

With Penn State's sexual abuse scandal, and Joe Paterno's subsequent firing making headlines across the nation, its no surprise Hollywood has a lot to say on the subject. 

Though some comments have caused their own scandals. Ashton Kutcher announced he will be handing over his Twitter account to his management team Thursday after coming under fire for tweeting "How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste" the day before.

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But, his run-in with controversy didn't stop others from offering their own thoughts on the matter. 

Actor Paul F. Tompkins even took to his account to poke fun at Kutcher, tweeting "Can't believe Libya recalled Khaddafi in that election. #noclass #insult," before jokingly following up with "Sorry, everyone. I just got the whole story. I've been busy playing pretend and thinking about money." 

"Mike Vick suspended, jailed for dog fighting ring. Penn State students boo, because Paterno -- part of the cover-up ring -- is fired????" questioned Garry Shandling. Adding, "Conrad Murray walked away for a moment, and it was negligence. See a kid getting raped in the shower, and it's not a 911 call?!!"

Bored to Death actor Patton Oswalt weighed in, saying, "The few idiots supporting Penn State & Paterno: you've a right to your uninformed opinion. Just don't ever have kids. EVER."

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Comedian Loni Love tweeted a picture of King of the Hill characters Hank and Peggy, writing, "Found a picture of Joe Paterno and wife when they where younger."

Comedy Central host Daniel Tosh was blunt in his opinion: "if you feel bad for joe paterno it's because you are an awful person." To which, Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence agreed retweeting the comic's statement with the words "Tosh said it best."

While Cougar Town actress Christa Miller also simply said, "Penn State's Paterno deserves no pity." 

ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams said, "Firing Paterno doesn't address the far more dire issue for Penn St: its senior execs failure to report and alleged perjury."

"Just think if Joe Paterno was a catholic priest instead of a coach he'd never have been fired, they woulda just reassigned him," DL Hughley said. 

Author Tucker Max wrote, "ESPN reporter sums up ppl rioting for Paterno "We tried to interview some, but we had trouble finding ones who could form cogent thoughts." 

Comic book writer Robert Liefeld commented, "I get the Paterno anger, but can we get the attention back on the scumbag that actually molested children?"

While Havey Levin said, "Paterno caused telling the trustees they needed to shut up and move on. But it's good they fired the prez along with him."

But basketballer Magic Johnson made no bones about his support of the former Penn State coach, saying "Coach Paterno is the winningest coach in college football, a hero & a champion. Thank you for all you did for football & the Big 10." Adding, "He helped turn young men into champions & men."

Michael Moore also offered his opinion on Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word Wednesday night. When asked about the scandal, the documentarian said of the University's decision to ignore complaints of sexual abuse, despite having received complaints as far back as 1998, "They're offering up this man in his 80s, thinking this is going to somehow clear us of our failure to do our job, or do what's kind of decent and morally right." He later added, "Greed operates on many levels. it's blinding."

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