Joe Pesci Stars in New 'Home Alone'-Themed Google Assistant Ad

In the spot, the Oscar-winning actor plays himself watching Macaulay Culkin act in a previous Google ad based on the 1990s Christmas classic.

Move over Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci is getting back in the Home Alone game — kind of. 

Pesci, who played Harry, half of the bad guy duo in the popular Christmas films, stars in a new commercial for Google Assistant that dropped Friday. 

In the spot (it won't run during the Super Bowl), Pesci plays himself watching Culkin act in a previous Home Alone-related Google Assistant ad, which was a shot-for-shot remake of scenes from the 1990s classic. That spot has 39 million views on YouTube. 

Pesci — who has largely been out of the public eye for years — is sitting around with a room full of friends, waiting for his big moment in that first ad, which is a one-line voiceover from the film. "Better get out of here before somebody sees us." 

The room erupts when the lines comes. 

"I nailed it. I did," Pesci says. 

Check out the spot above.