Joel McHale on Ariana Grande Doughnut Incident: "I Hate Your Ponytail, But You Don't See Me Ruining Pastries"

Joel McHale on 'The Soup' - H 2015

The 'Soup' host took on the pop star's "I hate America" comment and doughnut-licking.

Joel McHale weighed in on Ariana Grande saying she hates America on the latest episode of The Soup, introducing the news by telling viewers, "Now Ariana Grande hates you."

He then aired a clip of Today's Tamron Hall reporting on the incident, in which Grande also allegedly licked some doughnuts on display in a California store. But Hall just teases that Grande did something to a doughnut that put her under investigation.

"She Bill Cosby'd a doughnut?" McHale asks in disbelief before recapping what happened in what he calls "the biggest story of the year."

McHale insists that just because you don't like something (like her hairstyle), that's no reason to put your tongue on a pastry.

"Well, Ariana, I hate your ponytail, but you don't see me ruining pastries over it," he says before suggesting he's done something arguably more disgusting to another pastry.

Watch the clip below.