Joel McHale Dishes on His Most Regrettable Red-Carpet Moment

Courtesy of Joel McHale
Joel McHale

Ahead of his gig as the host of Monday's CFDA Fashion Awards, the comedian opened up about his personal style, meeting Anna Wintour and the time he rocked a crushed-velvet sport coat and jeans on the red carpet.

Funnyman Joel McHale understands that his casting as the host of the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards — the Golden Globes of the fashion industry — may cause some to scratch their heads. “Everyone knows that when you host the ESPYs, the next logical hosting event is definitely for fashion designers,” the former Community actor told Pret-a-Reporter.

But jokes aside, with more than a decade on the Hollywood scene, you can bet that the actor has developed quite the fashion sense. After all, McHale — with the help of his stylist, Jose Camilo — was consistently dapper in dark suits and his signature skinny ties as the host of E!’s The Soup for more than 13 years. And that’s no easy feat for a man who stands at 6 feet 4 inches.

Not to mention, the 44-year-old has been vocal about his love of watches and has even met Anna Wintour — so he’s already in with the fashion crowd.

Pret-a-Reporter caught up with the comedian ahead of Monday’s big show to chat about all things style, the red carpet and the fever dream that is the Met Gala.

Pret-a-Reporter: How did you land this hosting gig?
Joel McHale: Everyone knows that when you host the ESPYs, the next logical hosting event is definitely for fashion designers. It came in as an offer, and I don’t know which wonderful person smiled upon me to do it, but I would like to kiss them. I’ve always loved fashion and been interested in it. So when the offer came in I thought, "Well, yes, definitely."

Any favorite designers that you’re excited to meet at the show?
Well there’s the big ones — I’ve talked to Anna Wintour a little bit one time. … She didn’t have her people throttle me so she could step over me, so I felt like that was a success. That room is going to be full of all the heavy hitters, so I would love to meet them all. I actually met Zac Posen — I ate dinner with him at the Met Ball last year, so I barely know him.

MET READY: McHale and his Community co-star Alison Brie at the 2015 Met Gala (Photo: Getty Images)

What was your experience at the Met Gala like? Did you see Rihanna’s dress?
It’s like a party you would see in a weird fever dream because you recognize everyone. You know, when you have those dreams when you’re like, "And then George Clooney came out and offered me a s’more, and then a guy unzipped a bear costume and it was Denzel Washington, and then he handed me his wallet." It’s just weird — it’s very cool, and that was my one experience with it, and it was crazy.

What would you have worn to this year’s "Manus x Machina"-themed ball?
I would’ve only used a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One and just from the parts of that constructed a makeshift costume. I would have done it, and they both would have worked — they would both be working machines.

You’re 6-foot-4 — any tips for tall men getting suits? Do you have to get everything bespoke?
Well for this, thank God, David Hart is giving me a tuxedo. But I’m like 6-foot-4, 218 pounds — that is not the fashion-model size. So if you can afford to get a suit made for you, then by all means, do it, because there’s really nothing like having a tailored suit. And I never had one in my life until I started hosting The Soup. I feel like Cinderella when I have a made-for-me suit. No matter what kind of suit you have, you should get it tailored to fit properly because that’s going to transform whatever kind you have into something that’s going to look pretty good.

Do you work with a stylist on the red carpet?
Yeah, I work with Jose Camilo. He worked with me on The Soup for 13 years, and he’ll also work on The Great Indoors ... coming Oct. 27 on CBS! (Laughs.)

NOT SO NIRVANA: McHale at the 2005 premiere of Just Friends (Photo: Getty Images)

Any regrettable red-carpet moments?
I think I wore a crushed-velvet sport coat with a T-shirt and then a dress shirt that was open and then bad jeans. I just looked like … I’m trying to describe how I looked without insulting a lot of people … I looked like I was trying to get into a club in Las Vegas.

You’ve spoken about your love of watches before. Any other accessory you can’t live without?
I love sunglasses; I have a whole shelf of them. There’s a Prada pair that I really like and big Ray-Ban aviators, and I also like these Persols. I really just need big sunglasses because I have a really huge head.

What's one women’s fashion trend you love and one women’s fashion trend you hate?
Yoga pants and yoga pants.

If you had your own clothing line, what would you call it?
"Do Not Bleach" ... or, no — "Care Instructions."