Joelle Carter on Her 'Justified' Character: She's 'Married Into the Outlaw World' (Video)

In a chat with THR, the actress says Ava is a “strong” woman who “desperately wants to fit in.”

FX’s Justified not only is critically acclaimed – it also gives actors a chance to practice their craft at a level not afforded on every show, says star Joelle Carter.

“When you meet Ava, she’s just born again in a way. She’s given herself her own freedom from a very confined relationship. She was abused,” Carter says of her first-season arc on Justified, which included her killing her abusive husband. “She wants so much to go out into the world she’s missed for so many years. When she gets out there, she finds out it’s not quite the place she expected.”

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The show, which stars Timothy Olyphant as deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, returns for a fifth season in January.

“As we go into season three and four, she’s marrying into a new way of life. She’s married into the outlaw world and she immerses herself in that in season four,” says Carter, describing her relationship with Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins). “We get to see her struggle with the fact that she’s not really an outlaw, but she’s kind of found a place she belongs, and she so desperately wants to fit in."

Carter says the character lets her show the “strong side of being a woman,” which she says “at times you don’t get to do in other shows.”

See more of her comments in the video at the top of this post.