Joey Lawrence Has a Comb-Over at the People's Choice Awards

Joey Lawrence People's Choice Awards - P 2014
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Joey Lawrence People's Choice Awards - P 2014

And we're really not ok about it.

Whoa, Joe. One-time Blossom star and aspiring recording artist Joey Lawrence (we may or may not still have his hit 1993 ballad, Stay Forever, on our iTunes) used to have lustrous, flowing locks that — even in fifth grade — we really wanted to run our fingers through. A sexy buzz cut showed up at some point, too. But at Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards, our own mortality came into question as our beloved heartthrob of yore rocked a comb-over on the red carpet. 

We don't fault Lawrence for growing up (he's 38), nor do we expect a man's mane to stay forever (unlike the lyrics of his song would convey). But the Melissa & Joey actor dyed his hair blonde and fashioned one swoop into a comb-over that has really shaken us to the core.

His awesome hair might be ancient history, but apparently Lawrence wasn't willing to leave one thing in 1995: the pocket chain he paired with his suit. 

Le sigh.