John Boyega on the "Responsibility" in Filming 'Detroit' | Actor Roundtable

The newcomer touched on his experience filming a project so relevant to modern-day race relations.

“This true story is going to be seen by so many people, and the world is tainted right now, and this story is sensitive to the issues that we have,” John Boyega acknowledged during The Hollywood Reporter's Actor Roundtable while speaking on filming Detroit. “You're basically creatively commenting on something. It puts you in a position of some form of responsibility.”

He continued: “There’s much more of a serious tone that's required on a set like Detroit. ... Even though it was set 50 years ago, it is a reflection of what’s going on now in terms of race relations and it’s strange. You watch a movie like Detroit and expect it to be based in 2017. The lines are blurred in terms of how far we've come.”

During the Roundtable, Boyega also mentioned a tough moment he encountered while filming on the set of The Circle (co-starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson) when he forgot the lines to an important monologue: “I froze up, and I forgot the whole thing. I was there on set with Emma Watson, who was amazing about it, and I literally found myself, in basically a 01 acting class with Emma Watson trying to say — 'Just remember, just remember the lines. ...'

“The issue was fear of schedule," he continued. "I have a fear of schedule. I've only just started my career. This is my first year in which I've worked on projects back-to-back. I've never had that opportunity in my career before, so one of the things I picked up is I’m now viewing my life in chunks.”

The full Actor Roundtable also features Hanks, James Franco, Gary Oldman, Sam Rockwell and Willem Dafoe, and will air Sunday, Jan. 28, on SundanceTV. Tune in to for more roundtables featuring talent from the year’s top films.