'John Carter' Earns Soft $500,000 in Midnight Runs Domestically But Scores Big in Russia

John Carter Taylor Kitsch Cave - H 2012

John Carter Taylor Kitsch Cave - H 2012

Disney's 3D tentpole grossed an estimated $6.5 million in Russia, marking the biggest opening day in that country's history; Europe and Australia are soft.

Andrew Stanton's big-budget 3D tentpole John Carter grossed a tepid $500,000 as it began its domestic rollout with midnight runs Thursday.

That's roughly in line with the midnight earnings of Disney's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which opened to $30 million in North America.

John Carter, costing $250 million to produce plus a major marketing spend, is opening virtually around the world, save for China and Japan.

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Overseas, it has earned roughly $13 million in the first territories where it's opened (in some countries, movies open on Wednesday or Thursday). That's a soft number, though there were several bright spots.

Russia bought welcome news for Disney. John Carter grossed an estimated $6.5 million there Thursday, the biggest opening day in Russian cinema history.

It also did solid business in Hong Kong and Thailand, possibly portending a good run in China and other Asian countries.

In North America, John Carter will be playing in a total of 3,749 locations Friday, including 2,614 3D runs. It's also playing in 289 Imax theaters.