John Cena Prepares Stephen Colbert for Fight With 'Late Show' Bully

John Cena Helps Stephen Defeat Butch the Studio Bully - Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Watch the WWE star help the host gear up for a showdown.

On Wednesday night's Late Show, John Cena helped Stephen Colbert prepare to fight a bully.

It seems the Ed Sullivan Theater is being plagued by a mean guy named Butch, who interrupted Colbert's interview with guest John Cena to taunt the CBS host.

After calling Colbert "the Late Show dummy," the "studio bully" proceeded to knock the host's cards out of his hands. "How you gonna ask your stupid questions without your stupid cards? Dummy!" he goaded.

Butch threatened to beat up Colbert after the show, so the host enlisted Cena to get him in fighting shape.

A hilarious training montage ensued, with Cena teaching Colbert how to box and frost a cake, among other things.

"Thanks, man. I feel totally ripped and jacked," Colbert told Cena, as Butch returned to the stage.

"You know, I couldn't wait. So I'm just gonna pound you now," Butch said.

Colbert responded, "Well, Butch, I'm ready for you."

Will Colbert put his training to use? Watch the clip below to find out.