John Edwards' Mistress to Publish 'What Really Happened' Tell-All

John Edwards Trial 2012
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One day after the former senator escaped conviction for six counts of corruption, Rielle Hunter announces the impending release of the memoir, "John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me."

After more than four years of lies and deception, the story of Rielle Hunter’s relationship with former North Carolina senator John Edwards is set to be revealed. One day after Edwards was found not guilty of one count of corruption and a jury was deadlocked on five others, Hunter announced that she has written a memoir, titled What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me.

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In a statement made to People on Friday, Glenn Yeffeth, the publisher of BenBella, said the tome will reveal “the truth” about what transpired in their relationship. “We are delighted to publish Rielle Hunter’s memoir,” he said. “A lot has been said. But no one has heard the truth of what really happened until now.”

The New York Times reported that the announcement followed a series of rejections from New York publishers, who passed on the tell-all when Hunter shopped it around last year. One publisher at the time questioned whether women would be interested in the book, since Hunter was not merely the mistress of a politician and Presidential hopeful, but a man who cheated on his wife Elizabeth while she was dying of cancer.