John Galliano 'To Go Directly Into Rehab' (Report)

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

IHT's Suzy Menkes reports that the troubled designer will seek help from "the pace of fashion today."

John Galliano will seek professional help following his filmed anti-Semitic outbursts and moves to legally fire the designer from Christian Dior.

Suzy Menkes wrote
in the International Herald Tribune Tuesday afternoon that unnamed friends of Galliano "say that they have finally persuaded the troubled designer to go immediately into rehab."

No specific ailment was listed for the need for rehab. But Menkes pointed out that "the pace of fashion today"  and the "rigorous structure of a corporate fashion house, broke the fragile, artistic creator."

The video flap hit just as Paris' Fashion week has kicked off.

Dior hasn’t said it will cancel its runway show on March 5 and still plans to go ahead with Galliano’s personal presentation on March 6.
No word on whether fashion industry moguls or celebs will boycott the events in light of Galliano’s behavior.