John Galliano Loses Unfair Dismissal Lawsuit

AP Images

He has been ordered by the Paris labor court to pay Dior and John Galliano SA a symbolic euro

John Galliano has lost his unfair dismissal case against his two former employers, Christian Dior SA and John Galliano SA. The designer, who won the rights last November to have his case heard in a Paris labor court, has been ordered to pay a symbolic euro to each company, reports WWD.

Galliano, who asked for damages between €2.4 million and €13 million, was in court to hear the verdict. He told the court that both fashion houses were aware of his addictions.

"The two companies were fully aware of my state. I took Valium so I could get through fittings," Galliano told the courtroom in French, according to the fashion trade. "I can't let the 17 years I spent and enjoyed at Dior be blackened like this. During these years as creative director of this house, I did not realize that its success, multiplying its sales by four, came at a destructive and exorbitant cost: my physical and mental health. Always more work, always more obligations, always more pressure, a dangerous and pathological spiral, without control."

Although he was ousted as Dior's creative director after making anti-Semitic remarks in 2011, Galliano was welcomed back to the fashion world in October as he was appointed the new creative director of Maison Martin Margiela.