John Galliano 'Relieved' After Verdict (Video)

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The former Christian Dior fashion head was convicted of making anti-Semitic remarks by a Paris court Thursday.

On Thursday, a Paris court convicted former Christian Dior head John Galliano for two incidents of anti-Semitic abuse.

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The fashion designer was given a suspended €6,000 ($8,400) fine, which means that he will not have to pay unless another incident occurs. He did not receive jail time, but was ordered to pay €16,500 ($23,200) in court fees for the complainants — three individuals and five anti-racism associations — plus a symbolic €1 ($1.40) in damages to each one. 

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After the ruling, which Galliano did not attend, his lawyer, Aurelien Hamelle, spoke to reporters on his behalf.

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"Mr. Galliano is relieved," said Hamelle, adding "Relieved that these eight months are now behind him, he's looking forward to a future with understanding and forgiveness, hopefully. And to put all of this behind him."

Hamelle also commented on the court's lenient ruling, saying, "It shows that the court took into account his sincere apology, the fact that Mr. Galliano undertook treatment for his addiction, for which he came forward in court last June."

Watch the lawyer's statements below