John Galliano Trial Kicks Off in Paris Today

John Galliano - Christian Dior - Runway Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer - 2010
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The fashion designer faces a six-month jail term and $32,000 fine if convicted of discriminatory remarks.

John Galliano began his trial Wednesday in Paris for making anti-Semitic comments against at least three people.

If convicted, he faces a six-month jail term and a 22,500-Euro fine (about $32,000). The proceedings are expected to last several hours. No verdict is expected Wednesday, CNN reports.

He was fired from Christian Dior after video surfaced in March of him praising Adolf Hitler and other anti-Semitic remarks. "I love Hitler," Galliano said in a video published by Britain's Sun newspaper. "Your mother, your forefathers would be f---ing gassed and f---ing dead."

Christian Dior condemned his "deeply offensive statements and conduct."

It is against French law to incite racial discrimination, hatred or violence.

He apologized later.

"I only have myself to blame and I know that I must face up to my own failures and that I must work hard to gain people's understanding and compassion," Galliano said in a statement. "Anti-Semitism and racism have no part in our society."

He's also under trial for comments made in October 2010.