John Galliano's Departure Rattles Fashion Industry

John Galliano-Christian Dior Spring-Summer-2011
Francois Guillot/Getty Images

Insiders -- from Giorgio Armani, to British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman and model Iman – weigh in on the disgraced Dior designer, who was fired over anti-Semitic rants.

Top fashion business are shocked by Christian Dior designer John Galliano, who was fired Tuesday because of drunken anti-Semitic rants., a subsidiary of Conde Nast, talked to fashion industry insiders for their reactions:
The New Yorker's Judith Thurman: "Galliano seems to have disgraced himself (and perhaps ended his career) by delivering a drunken, anti-Semitic rant to several fellow patrons at a Paris restaurant . . . But Chanel liked Nazis, too."
British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman: "I think Galliano made a terrible mistake and such offensive behavior could not be ignored. It is all the same true that he has a huge talent and has contributed enormously to the resurrection of the house of Dior. Who can predict what the future will bring?"
Supermodel Jessica Stam Tweeted: "I'll miss you John, you're so talented. I love the Jews and what he said is awful, but also sad to watch him leave Dior." 
Model Chanel Iman: "I love John Galliano. I’ve been working with him for years and he is one of the most amazing, genius men in this business. He is one of the most creative, genius designers that I’ve worked with and he’s so open to all types of people. He’s loving and he’s caring and I wish him all the best."
Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana Tweeted: "I'm so sorry for John Galliano!!!"
Italian Vogue Editor Franca Sozzani: "I'm so against anyone who could say something anti-Semitic or against any religion. I understand that [Galliano] was drunk. I can understand, for sure, because he's not a bad guy. But I do not accept that anyone can touch the religion of someone else . . . either you fire or you keep [him], I don't see anything in between . . . [Dior without Galliano] would be a real pity . . . I wasn't there, you weren't there, nobody was there, so who knows the truth. But you know . . . it's John Galliano, it's very easy to say he said something like that, because it's doing a big mess. It's terrible news for [not only Galliano but] the human being."
Designer Roberto Cavalli: "I don't believe [it]. Because I know John since many years, he's such a wonderful person. I can't believe that he makes some racist [comments] toward somebody, because he's so international . . I don't want to judge anybody, but I love John and John, I am with you."
Giorgio Armani: "I'm very very sorry for him. It's obviously a difficult time for him. I am also very sorry that they videotaped him without him knowing."
British Journalist Hilary Alexander: "What devils possessed Galliano we may never know. What private hell he is living through is equally unknowable. But one thing is certain: he needs help. I am not for a moment excusing his behavior. There will come a time when he must confront the viper in his breast. But, right now, this is a moment in his life when he needs support and love from the industry he has given his life to."