John Hurt to return as Quentin Crisp in 'New York'

Hurt to star in 'An Englishman in New York'

LONDON -- Veteran British actor John Hurt is to reprise his role as waspish English eccentric Quentin Crisp in a new film for ITV.

"An Englishman in New York," made by Leopardrama Prods., picks up where ITV's highly acclaimed 1970s predecessor, "The Naked Civil Servant," left off, following the maverick homosexual writer through Manhattan's high society in the eighties, the decade of AIDS and celebrity.

New Yorkers welcome Crisp's wit and eccentric ways and he befriends a young artist who finally persuades him of the possibilities of human relationships. But a casual quip that AIDS was "a fad" sees him cast into social obscurity -- at least until he becomes immortalized in Sting's song "An Englishman In New York."

The film will be shot in August in London and New York and will be executive produced by ITV director of drama Laura Mackie and James Burstall of Leopardrama.