John Krasinski Hosts "Potluck" With Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart on Food-Themed 'Some Good News'

Stanley Tucci and David Chang also made appearances on the latest episode, during which Krasinski praised those in the food industry who are making a difference amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As restaurants remain closed and people need food amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, John Krasinski praised folks in the food industry who are dedicating their time and resources to people in need — and hosted a virtual potluck — on Sunday's episode of Some Good News.

"From the inspiring stories of selfless camaraderie, to the heart-wrenching stories of simply doing what's right, these are the people who once defined your neighborhood and are now defining humanity," Krasinski said on his online show, which spotlights stories of positivity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Krasinski pointed to a chef who has set up kitchens inside churches and stadiums "to feed as many people as possible"; a landlord who gave free rent to a New York pizzeria feeding doctors and nurses; and Guy Fieri, who set up a relief fund for restaurant workers.

"But the beautiful thing about food and all this is you don't have to be a big-time chef to make a huge difference," he said, spotlighting a bar owner who removed dollar bills from the walls and ceiling of the establishment to share with employees, a family who turned their lawn into a food pantry, and members of the National Guard packing meals for food banks in Washington state.

"It's heartwarming to point out that every single person in that segment, that was making food to make a difference, they were doing it all without charging a dollar, because that is just what heroes do," Krasinki said at the end of the segment.

He also had previously asked viewers for their favorite recipes and hosted four of them in a segment called "SGN Potluck," during which he surprised the viewers with special guests Fieri, Martha Stewart, David Chang and Stanley Tucci — all of whom made the recipes the viewers had submitted from their own homes. (The pros were all very complimentary.)

Krasinki also surprised Fieri with the news that PepsiCo was donating $3 million to the chef's fund (in addition to what the company has already donated), putting the total amount of money raised around the $20 million mark. Fieri was visibly stunned and grateful.

Watch the episode below.