John Krasinski and James Corden Spoof 'Gone With the Wind,' 'A Few Good Men' and More Movies

John Krasinski and James Corden — H 2016

The two actors re-create familiar scenes with a bit of a twist.

James Corden and John Krasinski have apparently been working on movies together since 1939, but nobody's been able to see the fruits of their labor until now.

Krasinski and Corden demonstrated their own takes on a series of iconic scenes from movies such as Gone With the Wind, Pulp Fiction and A Few Good Men for a documentary spoof that aired on Wednesday night's Late Late Show, about constantly getting fired from films despite their amazing chemistry.

In Gone With the Wind, Krasinski added a nicely timed mic drop to a famous Rhett Butler line, with Corden as his Scarlett. A Few Good Men saw the two fighting over saying the same "You can't handle the truth" line. And Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" proved too irresistible for both Corden and Krasinski as they re-created Pulp Fiction.

The test in their partnership came when Krasinski was asked to be replaced by his wife, Emily Blunt, in Into the Woods, which Corden and Blunt starred in together. Watch below.