John Krasinski Returns With Second Episode of YouTube Show 'Some Good News'

The actor-director praised people for ripping off his idea and spreading positivity as the world grappled with the coronavirus and featured a Zoom performance of 'Hamilton' song "Alexander Hamilton."

John Krasinski returned with the second episode of his fledgling DIY YouTube show Some Good News on Sunday night. 

The actor-director turned YouTube star launched the show last week, the first episode of which has now garnered over 12 million views, to highlight positive news stories as the world endured a lockdown amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Besides spotlighting inspiring stories from around the world, Krasinski also interviewed his co-star from The Office, Steve Carell. 

He began the second episode by acknowledging the "incredible" response to the first episode. He then humorously tipped his hat to the people who sent him notes on how he could improve the show and as well as all the people around the world who had committed an "intellectual property heist" and copied his format.

Krasinski whole-heartedly approved of the copyright violations and even encouraged more as he said he was "well aware that I am only delivering the good news" and the people watching were the "good news."

First up this week, Krasinski looked at how people and companies around the world had stepped up to provide much needed medical supplies, including hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer providing face shields for doctors and nurses on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Krasinski took time to highlight the people around the world who tried to support their communities at this difficult time. There was even a special Some Good News weather report from Robert De Niro.

The show ended with Krasinski "Zoom-bombing" his young friend Aubrey with a star-studded performance of "Alexandra Hamilton" from her favorite musical Hamilton featuring the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Daveed Diggs and more.