John Krasinski "Blew Through" a Box of Tissues While Watching 'Mary Poppins Returns'

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Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

"I was crying so much, I blew through the tissue box in 20 minutes. Had to go to the napkins and when I ran out of napkins, it's just all sweater," he said about the first time he watched the film, which stars his wife, Emily Blunt.

During a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, John Krasinski revealed that his wife Emily Blunt's turn as a magical nanny in Mary Poppins Returns had him in tears.

Krasinski shared that his family watched the film over Thanksgiving. "I tried to prepare them for how emotional it is," he said.

"The first time I ever saw it, they give you a tissue box in the screening room," he said. "And I was like, 'Oh, that's very nice. I don’t have a cold.' And they started screening the movie and 25 minutes into the movie, I stood up and went to the back of the room."

Krasinski recalled Blunt asking if he didn't like the film. "Emily said, 'Do you not like it? I've never seen this happen.' And I was pushing through all the muffins and bagels that were in the back looking for napkins. I was like, 'I need anything to stop this crying,'" he said. "I was crying so much, I blew through the tissue box in 20 minutes. Had to go to the napkins and when I ran out of napkins, it's just all sweater."

DeGeneres commented that Blunt must have done a great job in the film. "No, it's not her best," Krasinski joked. "It's honestly one of the most beautiful films. It's, I think, exactly what everybody needs at the holidays. It's pure joy."

The actor-director later spoke about his experience working out at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's private gym.

DeGeneres said that Johnson has a trailer that he travels with to act as his own personal gym. "It's not a trailer. It's a full gym. Emily just did a movie with him and I said, 'Can I ever work out at your place?' And he said, 'Yeah, no problem,'" Krasinski recalled.

Krasinski said that a producer later informed him that no one besides the action star has ever exercised in the gym. "I walked in and it was like aliens and spaceships had landed and he has 40 pieces of equipment that I've never seen in my life," he said.

A photo of Krasinski tangled in an "alien" piece of equipment called a pit shark then appeared onscreen. "I said, 'Dwayne, how do you use this?' and he said, 'Oh, it's easy. I'll show you one day and then I did that and I said, 'Never mind, I got it,'" he said in reference to the photo. "I had a crick in my neck for about three weeks."

After DeGeneres asked if the machine was meant to work out neck muscles, Krasinski said that it's actually for legs. "When you look at it, you don’t know where to begin, so I started with a headstand and it went poorly," he said. "But as time went on, I got more and more comfortable in the gym. We were just workout buddies."