John Lennon Jacket May Nab $200,000 at 'Icons' Auction

John Lennon

John Lennon

The December event in Beverly Hills is also hawking rare items from Barbra Streisand, Madonna and Johnny Cash.

Rare items from the worlds of music, film and pop culture -- including what is being touted as the most extensive collection of Beatles memorabilia -- is going on the auction block next month in Beverly Hills. Among the items up for bid at Julien's Auctions' Icons & Idols sale happening December 3 and 4 are a red leather "Beat It" jacket signed by Michael Jackson, a D&G coat from Madonna's Girlie Show tour, Vivien Leigh's blouse from Gone With the Wind, signed letters from Mae West and Bette Davis and Barbra Streisand's Funny Lady dress.

Also in the mix are some unusual goods, including X-rays taken in 1945 of Albert Einstein's head, a guitar that was once played by both John Lennon and Elvis Presley during a jam session in L.A. and a custom-designed leather monkey suit that Jackson commissioned for his pet chimp Bubbles.

The big-ticket item of the lot, however, is a band jacket worn by Lennon for a 1966 Life magazine photo shoot that is expected to bring in between $150,000 and $200,000.

On December 5, Julien's is hosting an auction dedicated exclusively to the memorabilia of Johnny Cash, also happening in Beverly Hills and including the sale of some of the musician's personal guitars, such as the one featured on the cover of Cash's classic live album, The Survivors.