John Malkovich Robbed in Prague

John Malkovich-Eco_Design Magazine And Opificio JM di Prato Cocktail Party-2011
Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

The actor was in the Czech Republic to perform at the Prague Spring music festival.

John Malkovich had his passport and personal belongings stolen from his hotel room in Prague on Thursday. The actor was in the Czech capitol to perform in the play Infernal Comedy: Confession of a Serial Killer at the Prague Spring music festival.

A Mandarin Oriental spokesperson told Reuters, "We can confirm than an investigation is under way in the case of the disappearance of Mr. Malkovich's personal belongings."

Malkovich's Friday departure to Lodz, Poland was delayed for several hours because of the robbery but once he arrived, he met with Lodz Film School students and screened his directorial debut, The Dancer Upstairs. He will perform Infernal Comedy at a private event Sunday in Poland.

The actor plays Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger in the production featuring Malkovich, opera singers and orchestral accompaniment. Malkovich is touring with the project in England, Russia, Brazil, Austria and the U.S. throughout the rest of the year.

His next big screen appearance is in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, out June 29.