John Mayer Channels Johnny Depp at Grammys

Getty Images

Grammy viewers can’t get over how much the singer resembles the actor’s character in The Tourist.


Sporting facial fuzz and a white suit, viewers couldn't stop Tweeting about how John Mayer looks like Johnny Depp's character in The Tourist.
The funniest lines (according to USA Today):
Give Johnny Depp his look back ....
Is John Mayer trying to look like Johnny Depp, so that Depp will play him in the John Mayer Movie that's currently not being written.
John Mayer=Jack Sparrow
I had no idea Johnny Depp could sing & play like that. He's almost as good as John Mayer.
Dear John Mayer, For the last time. Stop trying to look like jonny depp. I don't care if you share a first name. ...