John McAfee Movie Unveiled by Impact Future Media and Equinoxe Films

John McAfee Headshot - P 2012

John McAfee Headshot - P 2012

The $28 million project, Running in the Background, follows the anti-virus pioneer giving the Canadian producers the exclusive IP rights to his life story.

TORONTO - The list of movies to capture the ongoing story of John McAfee, the inventor of the McAfee anti-virus, is growing.

Montreal-based Impact Future Media has partnered with fellow Canadian producer Equinoxe Films to produce and distribute the feature Running in the Background (working title), adapted from the personal memoirs of McAfee.

In December 2012, McAfee gave Impact Future Media the exclusive IP rights to his life story.

The Canadian biopic will start with McAfee’s childhood and continue to present day events.

STORY: John McAfee Movie in the Works at Warner Bros.

Elsewhere, Warner Bros has picked up the rights to the Wired magazine article John McAfee’s Last Stand, written by Joshua Davis.

The filmmakers behind the studio’s Crazy, Stupid, Love, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, will adapt the article for that rival film project.

Last fall, McAfee was sought in Belize to answer for the murder of an American expatriate neighbor.

Believing the police were out to kill him, McAfee fled to Guatemala amid widespread media coverage, before he was deported to the U.S.

The Canadian project, meanwhile, budgeted at $28 million, will be produced by Michael Mosca and Francesca Visconti.

Equinoxe Films will also handle Canadian distribution.

Mosca’s recent projects include Winnie, based on the story of Winnie Mandela and Nelson Mandela, which starred Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard.

“Although Mr. McAfee’s recent adventures have been widely publicized, the surface has barely been scratched regarding his life story,” said Mosca in a statement.

Hawaii and Puerto Rico are potential locations for the Running in the Background project.