John Oliver Reveals New '101 Favorite History Lies' Book

John Oliver Book — H 2015

"Trust nobody, especially me."

John Oliver released a web exclusive clip announcing his upcoming book of lies he's invented about history that he wishes were true. It's entitled Stranger Than Truth: John Oliver’s 101 Favorite History Lies.

"There is absolutely nothing more fun than lying confidently about human history," said Oliver. "The only thing that feels better than lying to someone, is lying to someone, then regaining their trust and then lying to them again."

He said his book is filled with "plausible but unverifiable nonsense" about things like Paul Revere's horse allergy or anecdotes about Winston Churchill's propensity to tear telephone books in half. The book will be produced by Simon & Schuster, according to Oliver, because they also produce the "factually sounding bullshit of Dr. Oz."

The book will come out in April 2016, except really it won't because there is no book — because Oliver was lying the entire time.

He confesses this "entire video has been a total waste of everyone's time" and tells viewers to "trust nobody, especially me."