John Oliver Celebrates His THR Cover With Jimmy Fallon: 'Life Has Changed'

John Oliver on Fallon Celebrating THR Cover - H

John Oliver on Fallon Celebrating THR Cover - H

"You're on the cover of a giant, giant magazine!" Fallon said when the HBO star appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday.

John Oliver and Jimmy Fallon had lots to talk about when he was a guest on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, including his appearance on the cover of  The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

"You're on the cover of a magazine," said Fallon, as he pulled out the May 2 issue. "That is a giant, giant magazine." (Read Oliver's THR cover story here.)

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The bashful British host of HBO's upcoming series Last Week Tonight admitted that it still feels strange to see himself on newsstands. "That was weird," he said, adding that he's no Jimmy when it comes to mag covers. "You have a face that behooves being on a magazine." (The THR stuff is right around the 2:00 mark below.)

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Oliver told Fallon about attending last week's party celebrating THR's 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media at the Four Seasons restaurant. Fallon himself was among the honorees on this year's list.

"I had to go to the launch party and they asked what is it like [to be on the cover], and I said, 'It makes me feel nauseous and uncomfortable,'" he said.

"I looked up at the man interviewing me and realized that wasn't the right answer," added Oliver, who then corrected himself, tepidly: "It was a big honor."

Fallon also held up a photo of the former Daily Show comedian at the event -- where he looked just slightly awed by the camera flashes. 

Along with the cover of THR, Oliver's face is plastered on billboards across the U.S. ahead of the launch of his HBO show Last Week Tonight and Fallon revealed that some of them already had some unique public artistry added.

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"That's not graffiti, that's basic vandalism," joked Oliver about one poster that had a gang-like teardrop drawn on his face. "Does that tear imply that I killed someone?"

Last Week Tonight premieres on Sunday on HBO at 11 p.m.