John Oliver Defends Voting Rights for U.S. Territories (Video)

John Oliver Voting Rights - H 2015

John Oliver Voting Rights - H 2015

"Imagine how it must feel to have the desire to vote but know deep down you're going to be ignored."

John Oliver explained the state of voting rights for U.S. territories during Sunday's Last Week Tonight episode. He explained how the territories' voting rights were first restricted by a Supreme Court case in the early 20th century. One of the rulings was written by "Separate but equal" Justice Henry Billings Brown, and the decision was meant to be temporary.

"There are a lot of complicated issues surrounding what the precise status of all the U.S. territories should be and what the people who live there would prefer, but surely, when it comes to denying Americans the right to vote, we have to find a better reason than citing a 100-year-old legal decision written by a racist that was always supposed to be temporary," said Oliver.

Watch as he discusses the topic and shows how often people treat residents from the U.S. territories as foreigners.