John Oliver Takes on Donald Trump's Treatment of Alicia Machado

John Oliver's Alicia Machado Segment Shows -Screen shot - H 2016

The 'Last Week Tonight' host said the presidential candidate had an "online meltdown" with his overnight Twitter spree on Friday.

John Oliver devoted a few minutes of Sunday's Last Week Tonight to criticizing Donald Trump for his behavior in the wake of Monday's presidential debate, discussing how Trump was using online surveys to determine he won the debate against Hillary Clinton and highlighting his treatment of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Oliver said that Trump really displayed his "winning temperament" by insisting he won when he didn't.

“The clear problem with online polls is that you can vote anonymously as many times as you want,” said the Last Week Tonight host. He pointed out that it's how "Boaty McBoatface" won in a British "Name Our Ship" poll and how Pitbull ended up performing at an Alaskan Walmart. “Yet, Trump kept citing these nonsense polls," Oliver added.

The host then turned to Trump's treatment of Machado, who he has continued to attack since Clinton brought her up at the debate.

He characterized the flurry of tweets Trump sent early Friday morning, including calling for people to look at an alleged sex tape of Machado's, as an "online meltdown." "That is a candidate for President of the United States urging America to check out a sex tape,” said Oliver.

“Just do me a favor, look up into the sky right now. Higher, no, higher still. Do you see that? Way up there? Way up above the clouds? That’s rock bottom. And we are currently way down here,” he said.

Oliver then aired old footage of Trump and Machado doing an interview at the end of her reign, in which Trump asked people to vote on an online poll on whether a beauty pageant winner should be required to stay the same weight.

"It seems you have a choice," said Oliver, addressing Trump. "Either admit unscientific polling is bullshit or that your views on women’s bodies are horrifying."