John Oliver Criticizes Donald Trump's Troubling Comments, "Douchebag Apology"

Last Week Tonight-John Oliver -H 2016

"He’s like the guy drowning but waving off a lifeboat, saying, 'Get out of here, I'm very buoyant. I'm the most buoyant.'"

John Oliver took a look at Donald Trump's comments last week, and took a moment on HBO's Last Week Tonight on Sunday to break down his most dangerous ones.

Oliver first compared Trump's economic policy speech to "watching a circus seal fold laundry. ... That's not the thing you normally do, and I can't wait until you get back to doing the fun stuff."

He then addressed Trump's back-and-forth comments about President Barack Obama being the founder of ISIS, and how Trump doubled down even when a conservative radio host tried to help clarify his remarks.

“He’s so insistent,” said Oliver. "He’s like the guy drowning but waving off a lifeboat saying, ‘Get out of here, I’m very buoyant. I’m the most buoyant. Everybody talks about my buoyancy. I’m a tremendous floater.'"

Oliver added that Trump's eventual excuse of being sarcastic was "bullshit" and "the douchebag's apology," but at least diffused the situation — until Trump walked back his walkback.

“You know that riddle where there are two people: one who always lies, and one who always tells the truth?” asked the Last Week Tonight host. "Donald Trump is both those people at once.”

Oliver also talked about Trump's claims that the election may be stolen by Hillary Clinton, and said it's troubling that Trump is calling for "Election Day Observers" to monitor the election using legal means, because he's not sure if Trump knows what he's legally allowed to do.

Of course, Oliver signed up to be an Election Day Observer — although he says, "In a way, we are all Trump Election Day Observers."