John Oliver Emphatically Doesn't Care About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Oliver's interview with Meyers - Screen shot-H 2017
Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

The 'Last Week Tonight' host also shared that he believes he will "not be allowed" to meet his 'Lion King' co-star Beyonce.

While the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement has many people abuzz on both sides of the Atlantic, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver wants everyone to know that, despite being British, he "doesn't care" about the royal wedding.

"I don't care. It was very difficult for me to give less of a sh—t than I give now. I could possibly give less of a shit, but I'd have to really actively try at which point you're almost caring," Oliver told Seth Meyers on NBC's Late Night on Wednesday.

"Americans definitely care more than British people do," Oliver continued. "When it happens, this wedding, if it happens," he added as the audience started to boo at his suggestion that the wedding might not take place. He explained himself: "Who knows? Maybe the world has ended before then. They're the perfect couple. It's the fact our current president has us on a death path."

While past royal weddings have been spectacles, Oliver said he always finds annoyance in the big day's news coverage. "When it happens and there's people waving British flags as they go past, what will happen is what happens at every royal wedding, and that there will be news crews going over saying, 'Oh, we have some Londoners here. Are you enjoying this?' And always you will see someone say, 'Oh, we love it here,'" Oliver said in an American accent.

"Americans love the idea of watching British people do something objectively silly and celebrating a royal wedding is silly, because the royal family is, at its very essence, a very silly thing," Oliver said.

Later, Oliver addressed the "real-life royalty" that he finds in singer Beyonce, talking about her involvement in the upcoming adaptation of The Lion King, of which Oliver is also part of the voice cast.

And what would Oliver do if he met Beyonce? "I would drop to my fucking knees," Oliver said, adding that he'd find himself thinking, "Don't look at me, Queen!"

Meyers then recalled his encounter with the singer, where she said hello to him in passing at the SNL studio. "You met her!" Oliver said, surprised, and felt Meyers' arms, seeminly wanting to get one degree closer to the famous performer.

Oliver remembered the moment he was disappointed after failing to meet Beyonce at the Emmys two years ago, where she was originally confirmed to sit in front of the Last Week Tonight host but never showed up. "My only plan for the whole Emmys was to watch the back of her head and witness her interacting with her immediate surroundings."

Although both are voicing characters in The Lion King, Oliver explained that he's "absolutely sure" that he will "not be allowed to meet her, especially after this interview. This feels like something her security team should be made aware of in some way."