John Oliver Enlists Alex Trebek, Catherine O'Hara, Billy Porter and More to Help Quash Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Rather than take a hostile position in confronting family and friends who may believe misinformation, the celebrities encourage rational thinking in short videos.

John Oliver has collected a stable of stars to help stamp out novel coronavirus conspiracy theories. 

The Last Week Tonight host on Sunday addressed the rampant online misinformation about the pandemic, some dangerous because it is slickly packaged and therefore could seem more legitimate. 

Oliver singled out President Donald Trump as one of the most egregious when it came to spreading conspiracy theories. While talking about Trump and his misinformation, Oliver played a clip of radio host and Trump supporter Rush Limbaugh, who noted that Trump never says he believes the conspiracy he is sharing, he just sends them out to the masses, which was likened to pouring gasoline on a fire. 

Rather than take a hostile position in confronting family and friends who may believe conspiracy theories about coronavirus, Oliver asked a number of celebrities to do short videos that can be played in order to better get the actual news of the situation across. 

One of those helping is the longtime Jeopardy! host, whose message is best played for grandparents, Oliver noted. "Yeah, we got Alex Trebek to make a 90-second video gently urging anyone who watches it to be careful with what they encounter and share online. So you can show your grandparents that and then talk to them about it," Oliver said. 

John Cena was enlisted for the cousin who likes wrestling and Fast and Furious movies. The star noted both he and Oliver are the exact same age, which may be hard to believe, but he checked it out and made sure from an official source. He encouraged others to look to official sources for their information. 

Additional celebrities included Catherine O'Hara, Billy Porter and Paul Rudd, who quipped he thought he was dead once because he was saw "#RIPPaulRudd" was trending on Twitter. All encourage rational thinking in short videos found on the website titled "The True True Truth."