John Oliver Recalls Being Tickled by the Dalai Lama

Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

He also talked about being bounced from a sauna in Tokyo.

John Oliver visited Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Tuesday and talked about the Dalai Lama, getting bounced from a sauna and his son having an American accent.

Fallon asked if Oliver is upset that his son will likely have an American accent and Oliver said that yes, it is something he's concerned about.

"No offense. It's just the way you make words sound hurts my ears," joked Oliver. He talked about the difficulties he has speaking with automated machines and said he has to sound like a "sedated John Wayne" in order to be understood.

Oliver also spoke about the time he was bounced from a sauna. "At 19 years old, I was forcibly removed from a Tokyo sauna for not being naked enough," said Oliver. He told the story about doing a stare down with businessmen who wanted him to remove his clothes in the sauna.

"You need to go, you're making them uncomfortable," Oliver said the "bouncer" told him.

Fallon asked Oliver about his Dalai Lama interview. "He's a very funny man," the Last Week Tonight host said. Oliver added that he was nervous about balancing humor with respect when interviewing the Dalai Lama, but he was put at ease when the Dalai Lama walked into the room, grabbed his sound man by the nose and said "You've got a big nose."

"I was into half like a Queen-bow — thinking I don't know what to do here — and he tickled me. I got tickled by the Dalai Lama and it was very funny," said Oliver, describing it as very memorable.