John Oliver Compares GOP Healthcare Plan to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Sequel

American Health Care Act Last Week Tonight with John Oliver -Screen Shot -H 2017
Courtesy of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver/YouTube

"Think of it as the legislative equivalent of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Curse of Johnny Depp Getting Divorced and Needing the Money.'"

John Oliver wants people to know about the American Health Care Act, given the possibility that the GOP replacement to the Affordable Care Act could become law.

"The American Health Care Act: You may not have wanted it. It looks awful. But it's here anyway," said Oliver. "Try to think of it as the legislative equivalent of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Curse of Johnny Depp Getting Divorced and Needing the Money.'" He said that the AHCA looked dead by the time it was introduced in Washington D.C., "much like the life behind Melania Trump's eyes." However, there is still a chance it could pass.

"OK, so the older you get, the more money you get, that's easy to understand. Think of it as the exact opposite of being a woman in Hollywood," said Oliver, explaining tax credits under the AHCA. Oliver said the bill was a "reverse Bernie Sanders" because the tax credits seem to take from the poor to benefit the rich.

Oliver turned to Trump after going through the details of the AHCA, mocking Trump for not knowing healthcare was complicated. He can't believe Trump won't put his name on the healthcare bill, given that the president has "put his name on some of the shittiest products in human history."

The catheter cowboy that Oliver has used in the past to "educate" Trump via Fox & Friends commercials, returned to teach the president about healthcare. And Oliver said he bought a health care ad to air in D.C. during Wednesday morning's Fox & Friends. "If my premiums go up and subsidies go down, I'm going to wind up paying more," said the cowboy, adding that it's basic math. "If that happens, millions of folks like me might get real angry, which is worth thinking about if you're the sort of person who really likes being popular."

Oliver also spoke about International Women's Day on Sunday's Last Week Tonight. He said every year a good way to see how far women still have to go is "by watching powerful men around the world trip over their dicks while talking about the day."

He played clips of different world leaders talking about women. “Women give us life and perpetuate it in our children,” said Putin, via a translator “We will do our utmost to surround our dear women with care and attention, so that they can smile more often."

"If there are two things that women love, it’s being told to smile more and being surrounded," joked Oliver.