John Oliver Is Not a Miss America Enthusiast

Miss America Pageant - H 2014
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Miss America Pageant - H 2014

The 'Last Week Tonight' host calls out the pageant's claim it gives $45 million worth of scholarships to women

John Oliver is not a fan of the Miss America pageant, to put it lightly. In fact, he spent a pretty entertaining — and enlightening — 15 minutes of yesterday's Last Week Tonight skewering the event.

Why, in 2014, is there still a competition where women are judged while walking around in bikinis sprayed to their butts? Why are they expected to "solve ISIS" — in 20 minutes, no less? Oliver asks all of these questions and more, plus does an incredible job of completely debunking Miss America's claim that it provides women with $45 million worth of scholarships. You can watch the clip below. You're welcome.