John Oliver Calls Alex Jones Out for Constantly Pushing Products on His Audience

Oliver referred to Jones as "the Walter Cronkite of shrieking batshit gorilla clowns."

John Oliver did an in-depth segment on InfoWars host Alex Jones and the increase in coverage he is getting, responding to a previous complaint of Jones' that he is often taken out of context.

Oliver referred to Jones as "the Walter Cronkite of shrieking batshit gorilla clowns." He teased Jones for his multiple conspiracy theories, including how tap water is somehow turning frogs gay. Oliver said imagine how upset Jones will get when he finds out the government is teaching raccoons to speak French fluently.

After pointing out that Jones should be completely disregarded because he is a frequent Sandy Hook denier, Oliver said that it's shocking to realize that what Jones is often doing on his show is "shamelessly" pushing products. He said in one week of coverage, Last Week Tonight found that Jones spends a quarter of his time plugging products or pointing his audience to the InfoWars store. Oliver himself purchased a "Bill Clinton rape whistle" which came with a "9/11 was an inside job" bumper sticker.

Jones "is right, that if you play small clips in isolation, he looks like a loon," said Oliver. "But if you play them in context, he looks like a skilled salesman spending hours a day frightening you about problems like 'refugees spreading disease' and then selling you an answer."

“Listen, I’m not saying the only reason Jones is talking about the globalists systematically feminizing us is to sell overpriced nutraceuticals so he can buy luxury watches," said Oliver. “But if I were saying that, it certainly wouldn’t be the stupidest conspiracy theory that you’ve heard so far tonight.”

At the end of his segment, Oliver sold "tactical assault wipes" in a mocking attempt to distract people from how dirty they may be feeling after listening to Oliver talk about Jones for 20 minutes.