John Oliver Highlights ISIS' Use of Toyota Cars as "Instruments of Death"

John Oliver

He joked of potential ISIS-owned dealerships, "'Come on down to ISIS Toyota — our salesmen are terrorists you can negotiate with!'"

Before diving into the main segment, John Oliver took a moment of Sunday's Last Week Tonight to call out Toyota for its status as the preferred choice of vehicle by ISIS.

"Toyota is famous for making dependable vehicles, but this week, we learned something surprising about who exactly has been depending on them," Oliver said, as footage of the terrorist organization’s propaganda videos include a slew of the manufacturer's Hilux trucks and Land Cruisers. "It seems that Toyotas are being used as instruments of death. It’s a bold move because traditionally 'death on wheels' has very much been GM’s brand."

As a U.S. counter-terrorism unit has begun questioning Toyota about how its cars are ending up with ISIS, the company gave a statement to ABC News, claiming it was "not aware of any of its dealerships violating the company policy not to sell to terrorist groups" — a rule that Oliver asked, "Is that in the handbook under, ‘Things that should go without saying?' "

Though Toyota vehicles have often been preferred by rebel groups, the fact that the company has manufactured a minivan called the "Isis" doesn't help. A former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. told ABC News, "Toyota has almost become part of the ISIS brand."

"At this rate, we are almost a few months away from ISIS-owned dealerships, complete with fully-armed windsock guy," Oliver concluded. "'Come on down to ISIS Toyota — our salesmen are terrorists you can negotiate with!'"

The main story of Sunday's episode highlighted the negative effects of the oil industry on North Dakota. Watch that segment's video below.