John Oliver Says Jay Z Requested a "Donald Drumpf" Hat

John Oliver and Stephen Colbert - H 2016

"If his wife puts it on in public, we are no longer a TV show, we are a hat manufacturing company," Oliver said on 'The Late Show.'

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver took his turn playing guest on Monday, visiting former Comedy Central colleague Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. The late-night hosts talked about Donald Trump and Oliver's popular segment on the presidential candidate.

Colbert pointed out that the last time Oliver was on Colbert's show he said he didn't "give a damn about Trump." Oliver replied, "I didn't think I'd have to care, and then it turned out I did."

The conversation then turned to the hats Last Week Tonight started selling as part of Oliver's viral takedown of Trump. Colbert brought out one of the "Make Donald Drumpf Again" hats, which gives the GOP presidential candidate the last name a biographer says used to be the Trump family's surname. 

Oliver said 35,000 hats have sold at cost, joking that HBO found it hilarious. "What's funnier than not making any money on an unexpected inexplicable hit?" he said.

He also revealed that at least one big-name celebrity requested one: "Apparently Jay Z's people called HBO asking for a hat."

"Buy the hat, Jay Z," Oliver continued, teasing the musician for wanting one for free. "Spring for a hat, let it it trickle down."

The hats were almost sold out, so Oliver cautioned HBO to be careful if they send Jay Z one, saying, "If he puts that on his head in public, you're going to need more hats."

If Beyonce got involved, Oliver joked it would radically affect Last Week Tonight. "If his wife puts it on in public, we are no longer a TV show, we are a hat manufacturing company."