John Oliver Makes Charlie Rose Blush: "He's Covering His Face Like a Bashful French Girl!"

John Oliver - CBS This Morning - H 2015

Oliver appeared on CBS This Morning to talk politics, his influence on policy and to tease the hosts about their "awkward sex talk."

John Oliver appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about the runaway success of Last Week Tonight, the political influence of the show and to continue to tease the anchors about all the sex talk and tension on their own show.

"There's much more sexual tension here than whatever Matt Lauer's doing," Oliver said to co-hosts Gayle King, Norah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose, who was laughing so hard he couldn't speak. "I don't know what he's dressed up as today. I guess it's a giant carrot or something."

Back in July, on Last Week Tonight John Oliver poked fun at the anchors of CBS This Morning in a segment called, "CBS This Morning's Awkward Sex Talk." The bit featured multiple clips of Gayle King, Charlie Rose and Nora O'Connell bantering about sexual topics on the morning show — all spliced together with slow-jam jazz in the background.

When the topic came up — amidst talk of the far more serious issues Oliver takes up on his show — the co-hosts all had a good chuckle with Oliver, with Rose blushing and tearing up with laughter.

But Oliver didn't let up, pointing out: "Look, he's covering his face like a bashful French girl!"

The conversation did get serious, too, with King asking Oliver about "The John Oliver Effect," alluding to the very real world change that has often come about as a result of issues Oliver addresses on his show.

Oliver downplayed his own influence, saying, "After we do the show, we're done with it. I would argue we have very little to do with that."

And of course, the hosts couldn't avoid the topic of the ever-present presidential election.

"It's an extremely long process," Oliver said. "Lot of balloons involved. American democracy looks like a 4-year-old's birthday party."

Watch the full segment below.