John Oliver Makes Good on Yankees Gag With 'Ninja Turtles' Fans Landing Premium Seats

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - H 2015
Courtesy of HBO

The HBO host will give fans tickets to two more games.

Yes, those were in fact a pair of men dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sitting directly behind home plate, in the super expensive area, during the New York Yankees' home opener on Tuesday.

John Oliver, host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, said on Sunday he had enough of the Yankees' elitist altitude with outrageously overpriced seats in the area behind home plate. The last straw for Oliver was the Yankees' chief operating officer recently saying the wealthy people who sit in that area do not like tickets sold on the secondary market because they essentially do not want to sit by lowbrow fans. 

“He’s saying rich people couldn’t bear to sit next to people who aren’t as rich, which would be offensive if you were talking about the opera, much less a sport whose primary fashion statement is the goatee,” Oliver said. "And that is why the Yankees make sure no one gets into their premium seating who doesn't belong there. And that explains why so many of their fanciest seats are often empty during the season."

So, Oliver did something about it by offering a pair of "Legend" tickets to each of the Yankees' first three games to fans who shared pictures on social media of how they would dress for the section.

The Tuesday duo were identified as John Welch and Joe Spilo of Yorktown, N.Y., according to Newsday Sports.