John Oliver Goes After "Revolting Minion" Stephen Miller

'Last Week Tonight' also made a realistic border patrol recruitment video featuring Will Arnett.

John Oliver took on "Vitamin-D deficient Minion" Stephen Miller on Sunday, following Miller's back-and-forth argument with CNN reporter Jim Acosta over the Statue of Liberty.

Oliver said it's hard to find a photo where Miller doesn't look like a Minion, and displayed a series of split-screen pictures of Miller with the yellow characters from the Despicable Me franchise. “Miller spoke to the press this week about the White House’s support for a draconian immigration bill which would slash legal immigration levels in half over a decade and make citizenship contingent on factors like English ability, education levels and job skills," said Oliver.

He showed the clip of Miller arguing with Acosta, who quoted from the Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty, something Miller took issue with since the 1883 poem was added to the statue in 1903.

"Just because it wasn’t part of the original does not mean it is worthless,” said Oliver. “Some of the best things ever made were changed partway through. Did you know, for instance, there was a time when Fast & Furious movies didn’t have The Rock in them? It’s true, and they sucked. That’s why they added the fucking Rock.”

The Last Week Tonight host expressed his amazement that Miller is only "31 human years old" and discussed how he's reportedly being considered to be the White House communications director. Oliver played a video of Miller campaigning for student government in high school. In the clip he yells, " Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?”

“Wow. He is truly one of the most revolting humans — parenthesis Minions — I have ever seen,” said Oliver. “You know, in a way, there is no more fitting spokesman for the Trump administration than an entitled, elitist asshole who refuses to take responsibility for the messes he makes, and who can somehow manage to pick a fight with a fucking statue.”

Oliver's main segment focused on the corruption that can occur among border patrol agents when hiring and screening practices are sped up and become more lax.

“Boredom is a significant part of life as a border-patrol agent,” Oliver said, “And they should probably train for it. For every hour they spend in target practice, they should probably spend 10 hours watching Mozart in the Jungle."

With the help of Will Arnett, Oliver unveiled what he thinks of as a more realistic recruitment video for border patrol agents.

“If you’re kind, physically fit, impervious to bribery or boredom, and you want to serve your country by enforcing a controversial and ever-changing set of policies in the most humane way possible then give us a call," said Arnett.

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