John Oliver Mocks the Internet Trolls That Love (and Hate) Him

John Oliver Last Week Tonight Fan Mail - H 2014
Courtesy of HBO

John Oliver Last Week Tonight Fan Mail - H 2014

That's one 'brillent' parrot

Yes, trudging through the dark, horrific world of Internet comments is the surest way to kill your soul — but just how bad is it really?

In a recent video for Last Week Tonight, John Oliver faces the trolls to find out what people were saying about him on the show's YouTube clips. Comments range from "John Oliver's face does look like a parrot" to a curse-filled Spanish rant. His reactions are (predictably) hilarious, particularly his response to a comment criticizing him for mocking the commenter's second favorite cherry soda.

Last Week Tonight returns on Sept. 7, and Oliver presciently acknowledges his fan mail video will likely amass enough "hateful vitriol" to call for a sequel. Nothing like an endless cycle of YouTube comments to serve as a lovely muse.