John Oliver Reacts to Joe Biden's Projected Election Win: Trump's "Bulls*** Did Not Work This Time"

John Oliver
Courtesy of HBO

"After this absolute year of a week — the days of counting, the misinformation, the desperate, pathetic attempts to paint this process as fraudulent — the fact is, Trump lost this election," says the 'Last Week Tonight' host.

John Oliver wasted no time getting to his main segment on Sunday's Last Week Tonight: the 2020 election.

"This was clearly a very long, very tense week, although thankfully, it all felt worth it due to how it ended," Oliver said, before cutting to a CNN clip wherein Wolf Blitzer announced that Joe Biden had been projected to win the presidency over incumbent Donald Trump.

"Yeah, that definitely happened," a giddy John Oliver said. "Donald Trump isn't going to be president anymore."

Oliver then showed video footage of people in the streets celebrating Biden's win — and Trump's defeat.

"It was like that all day here in New York. There was a mood here that can only be described as a reverse 9/11. Why? Because it combined complete euphoria, an abiding disgust for Rudy Giuliani and this time, people were actualy dancing on the rooftops in New Jersey. It was a really good day. Never forget."

That comment about the rooftops was a reference to a statement that Trump made in 2015 about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks: "I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering."

Oliver then remarked on the fact that it took several days to call the election after Tuesday, Election Day, which felt drawn out even though it had been expected.

"But for some reason, as soon as Tuesday came around, everyone seemed to immediately forget that," Oliver said. "Because starting that evening, almost every news channel was overtaken by some version of a guy playing with a big screen while someone comes in to interrupt and pester them with questions. It was basically the equivalent of watching the security footage at a Best Buy for four straight days."

He also noted how impatient the media seemed to get when asking election officials how long they expected the counts to take, when said officials were unable to predict such a thing.

Oliver added that Trump's reaction also was predictable as the counts were happening, including delivering a speech early Wednesday about the "fraud" of the election, how ballots were being "found," and how he was taking that argument to the Supreme Court.

"For starters, you can't just threaten to go to the Supreme Court when things aren't going your way. It's the highest court in the land, not the middle school principal's office," he said. "Secondly, they weren't finding ballots, they were counting them. And counting and finding are just not the same thing. That's why the movie Finding Nemo wasn't called Counting Nemo. Because that would have been a very different and much shorter movie. One Nemo, the end."

Oliver also summed up the events of the past several days thusly: "Here is the really important thing. After this absolute year of a week — the days of counting, the misinformation, the desperate, pathetic attempts to paint this process as fraudulent — the fact is, Trump lost this election. He lost. All that bullshit which we've grown accustomed to seeing work, did not work this time. And it's not like Trump and his family are going to stop. They're going to carry on grifting and lying like they've always done. But once he's out of the White House, it's just not going to have the same effect anymore. It's not going to directly impact every American's life. And that alone is fucking fantastic."

He then started a time clock of 30 seconds so that viewers at home could celebrate in their own way, "whatever form you want." For his part, Oliver decided to show "dispensing excellent facts about octopuses over footage of people celebrating." One fact? Octopuses have three hearts.

As for any conclusions to be drawn from the past week, Oliver said it's too early to tell, but did not that this election had record-breaking turnout but more than 70 million people did vote for him "and everything he said and stands for."

"That is something that we are going to have to reckon with for the foreseeable future," Oliver said, adding: "We cannot and should not ignore that millions voted for Trump, meaning they either actively supported his bigotry or at the very least were comfortable enough with it to vote for him anyway."