John Oliver Reunites 'Days of Our Lives' Couple EJ and Sami to Highlight Syrian Refugee Crisis

John Oliver Migrants Refugees H 2015

John Oliver Migrants Refugees H 2015

The host also slammed Fox News for airing a clip from 2010 with the caption, "Terrorists Inbound?"

John Oliver highlighted the Syrian refugee crisis on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, as migrants seek asylum in unwelcoming European countries.

Oliver first pointed out how Fox News aired a video of a group of people chanting on the tube with the caption "Terrorists Inbound?" which, it turns out, is actually from 2010. The host then suggested that if the network is going to air fake footage, it might as well air a clip from True Lies, as "that's only about ten percent more racist then what you did."

After noting how some countries are putting refugees through lengthy application processes and even referring to them as "human garbage" who don't want to work, Oliver suggested, "Instead of worrying about the hypothetical downside of letting these migrants in, countries should be more worried about the actual downside of turning them away."

He introduced wheelchair-bound teenage refugee Nageen Mustafa, who taught herself English by watching Days of Our Lives. The host then reunited the series' beloved Days of Our Lives characters EJ and Sami — played by Alison Sweeney and James Scott — as a small gesture for Mustafa, and to help outline the current crisis.

Watch the video below.