John Oliver Rips Apart NCAA for Not Paying College Athletes

The 'Last Week Tonight' host introduces the authentic "March Sadness" video game.

John Oliver targeted the NCAA on Sunday just in time for March Madness. Oliver called out the National Collegiate Athletic Association for exploiting student athletes by refusing to pay them and instead giving them a free education that, Oliver points out, isn't really a proper education.

Oliver uses inspirational cat posters, a nurse playing the trumpet, and an excellent "March Sadness" video game to help prove his point that the NCAA is taking advantage and profiting immensely off student athletes. The Last Week Tonight host doesn't just take on the NCAA; he mocks the coaches for getting endorsement deals, cursing at their players and saying the athletes shouldn't get paid. In particular he targets Clemson coach Dabo Swinney with the hashtag #SoybeanWind and explains his reason for including the name on his show.

Watch his persuasive argument below.