John Oliver Calls RNC a "Mismanaged S—tshow" That Emphasized Feelings Over Facts

Last Week Tonight-John Oliver -H 2016

"He just brought a feeling to a f—ing fact fight."

John Oliver took issue with how the Republican National Convention was run and what it seemed to promote, dedicating a segment of Sunday's Last Week Tonight to mocking last week's event.

After making fun of UFC president Dana White's appearance at the convention, Oliver said the entire Cleveland convention was a "mismanaged shitshow." He criticized Donald Trump for saying it wasn't a big deal that Ted Cruz didn't endorse him, likening it to the captain of the Titanic tweeting that an impending iceberg was "no big deal."

He said the theme of the RNC was summarized best by actor Anthony Sabato Jr., who said he has the "right to believe" that Obama is a Muslim. Oliver pointed out that the "implication that believing something to be true is the same as being true" is what the RNC focused on.

"It was a four-day exercise in emphasizing feelings over facts," said Oliver, before showing a montage of speakers talking about feelings.

The montage ended with Paul Ryan saying, "The whole economy feels stuck." Oliver responded. "What do you mean it feels stuck? The economy is about numbers. Feelings are supposed to be irrelevant."

The focus on feelings, "reached its apex" with Trump's speech, which the Last Week Tonight host described as "light on concrete policy but heavy on invoking strong emotion."

What was frightening to Oliver was when reporters started pointing out that crime rates in the U.S. have in fact declined, Newt Gingrich brushed it off as unimportant.

In his CNN interview, Gingrich repeatedly insisted that it's important that the average American "does not think crime is down" and doesn't think America is safer. "But we are safer and it is down," replied the reporter, citing FBI statistics which Gingrich shrugged off as a set of statistics liberals use that "theoretically may be right."

When the reporter continued to highlight that the facts don't support the feelings he's talking about, Gingrich said he would go with what people feel over the statistics.

"He just brought a feeling to a fing fact fight," said Oliver in amazement. Oliver returned his focus to Trump, correcting the GOP nominee's math in his tweet about his applause time, and unearthing an Apprentice music video turned "warning sign" that Trump is a dictator.