John Oliver Slams GOP Support for Roy Moore in Alabama Special Election


The 'Last Week Tonight' host excoriated Republicans for overlooking Moore's racist and homophobic views in order to pass tax reform.

John Oliver turned his righteous anger on Republicans for actively supporting the senatorial candidacy of the controversial gun-toting former Alabama state chief justice Roy Moore. 

On Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver began the Moore segment by showing news clips of the Senate candidate's views, including how he has referred to Native Americans as "reds," Asian Americans as "yellows," espoused the view that homosexuality should be illegal and how 9/11 attacks "might be a punishment" for turning away from God.  

Oliver joked that Moore's rap sheet also included "kicking a panda in the balls and [that he] once called Tom Hanks the 'N-word'."

Moore, who is running to fill Jeff Sessions seat in a special election set for Dec. 12, has attracted widespread criticism, condemnation and mockery for his views. But despite the controversy, Moore appears to have garnered support from Senate Republicans and the RNC who have pledged their support and are actively fundraising on his behalf. 

Oliver argued that Senate Republicans were willing to hold their nose and support anyone, even “a swarm of smallpox-infected bees,” who could beat a Democrat and help push through tax cuts.