John Oliver Slams Trump Over Iran Nuclear Deal: He's a "Scared Monkey on a Submarine Randomly Pushing Buttons"


The 'Last Week Tonight' host said the decision to decertify the agreement is “equal parts dangerous and bizarre.”

John Oliver had choice words for Donald Trump, describing the president as a "scared monkey on a submarine randomly pushing buttons" after the White House's decision to question the validity of the Iran nuclear deal. 

Trump announced that he would no longer certify the Iran nuclear deal, which was signed by the Obama administration, despite the advice of his national security team and U.S.'s allies. The decision has been met with widespread bewilderment and worries that it could lead to the entire deal falling apart. 

"Congress passed a law whereby the president has to recertify the deal every 90 days. No other nation has a requirement like this because it is a stupid idea," Oliver said as he launched into a tirade of why jeopardizing the deal was detrimental to global safety but also future U.S. diplomacy. 

The Last Week Tonight host noted that everyone, including the International Atomic Energy Agency, is in agreement that Iran is in compliance with the deal, which left him wondering why Trump was threatening to pull the deal. He described Trump's actions as "equal parts dangerous and bizarre." 

Oliver concluded with a colorful, if ominous, analogy. “Look, as foreign policies go, this is incoherent. You can’t call it realism or idealism or neoliberalism. You can barely even call it foreign policy. Honestly, the thing it’s closest to is a scared monkey in a submarine, randomly pushing buttons.”

He added: “And sure that might be fun to watch until it suddenly hits you, ‘Oh, shit! We’re all on the submarine with that fucking monkey.'”