John Oliver Slaps Celebrities With Salmon for 'Last Week Tonight' Finale

Tom Hanks Salmon Slap - H - 2014
Last Week Tonight

The talk show host also took on the lottery system

John Oliver ended his most recent season of Last Week Tonight with his regular dose of hilarity combined with an analysis of ridiculousness in American culture.

Oliver had some fun revisiting a "salmon cannon" segment by CBS. He was so entertained by the cannon that shoots salmon upstream so they can procreate, that he used his own salmon cannon to shoot fake fish at a host of different celebrities while they filmed. Victims included fellow late night hosts, Tom Hanks, Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey and many more celebs — even a certain Star Wars cameo was involved.

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In addition to his salmon-slapping, Oliver tore down the U.S. lottery system, focusing on how the state government runs the lotteries and then promotes it as helpful to education. He did this, of course, while making jokes about how winning the lottery is similar to marrying Tom Cruise.

Watch below to hear the Cruise comparison and see the talk show host's entertaining finale clips. Luckily, the show tweeted it will be back in February, so it won't be too long until we have Oliver back on our televisions.