John Oliver Takes on Louis C.K., Trump in 'Last Week Tonight' Season Finale

Tom Hanks also made a special appearance for a sketch.

During Sunday night’s season finale of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver dedicated the entirety of his monologue to ridiculing Donald Trump.

Taking a trip down a Trump-filled memory lane, Oliver commented on various moments throughout the year that led to controversy for the president, including Trump telling the French president’s wife that she was in good shape and shoving the president of Montenegro at a NATO event.

While the audience laughed at the host’s jokes, Oliver then told his audience that he wanted to “pull back from the daily Trump-included chaos and take a look at the norms that his presidency has violated.”

The host proceeded to discuss the president’s inability to have a “functional use of language” during his speeches and his habit of performing “Whataboutism,” or “the practice of changing the subject to someone else’s perceived wrongdoing," as Oliver put it.

The host also addressed the president’s recent tweet, revealing that he would never refer to Kim Jong-Un as “short and fat” for he hopes someday they can be friends.

“This would be the stupidest possible reason for all of us to die,” Oliver said of the tweet. 

After mocking the president’s liking of Fox and Friends, Oliver said his show was going to be busy on its hiatus.

“We are going to spend our hiatus snaking information through our catheter cowboys,” Oliver said, revealing that the cowboy ads, designed to educate Trump on various issues, would air over the next few months on Fox News.

The first ad features Catheter Cowboy teaching Trump what “clean coal” is, after the president said that clean coal meant “they’re taking out coal and going to clean it.”

“The term 'clean coal' doesn’t refer to the physical act of cleaning ability. That would be impossible,” the catheter cowboy says, revealing that "clean coal" is a marketing phrase. The cowboy then jokingly adds, “Also, Frederick Douglass is dead.”

Promising that the cowboy has “a lot up his sleeve,” Oliver also showed a preview of other ads in which the cowboy explains that the U.S. Virgin Islands does not have a president and what stance one should take on Nazis. “Buddy, this can’t be that hard. Nazis bad,” the cowboy says.

Despite spending the majority of his monologue tackling Trump, Oliver couldn’t help but take a moment to address Louis C.K.’s alleged sexual misconduct, detailed in a New York Times exposé, with the comedian saying the next day that the allegations are true. Shortly after The Times published its exposé on C.K., the distributor of his upcoming movie, I Love You, Daddy, which already garnered controversy for child-rape jokes and a scene in which a character pantomimes masturbating while an actress is on speakerphone, dropped the film.

“The New York Times reported Louis C.K.’s gross sexual misconduct, which is completely indefensible, and which inevitably resulted in the cancellation of his new film, Exhibit A: If This Ever Goes to Trial,” Oliver said. 

To close his show, Oliver enlisted the help of Tom Hanks, as he surprised his audience with a trailer of a faux-Warren G. Harding biopic set for release next year. The trailer also included the infamous wax figures of ex-presidents that the late-night show first brought out in July, in a segment dubbed as, “The Last Week Tonight Hall of Dubiously Lifelike Wax Commanders in Chief.” 

In the clip, Hanks is desperate to find a way to save the world. “Sir, the world is in trouble. We need you. The fate of humanity itself is at stake. Will you help us, Mr. President?” Hanks said, as dramatic music played in the background while he awaited the answer from a mysterious figure.

After the wax statue of President Harding appeared, Hanks looks relieved. “I know we can count on you, but I’m afraid this isn’t a one-man job. We need all of you,” Hanks said as other wax presidents appear, including Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and William Henry Harrison.

“Gentleman, let’s go wax these bastards,” Hanks said, as the trailer ended, giving a dramatic conclusion to Oliver’s show.